These tips are not only for [tag]little league baseball coaches[/tag] but all [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]coaches[/tag] who want their players to become as fit as possible in a safe way.   The following tips should be used for all of the lower back exercises that have been discussed the past few days.Little League Baseball Coaches

The lower back [tag]exercises[/tag] should always be done by isolating the muscles in the back and not pushing off with the palms of the hands to help the shoulders leave the ground.   Coaches should encourage athletes to let their back to the work instead of the hands, even though it is tempting.   Coaches should also check to see that athletes tighten the muscles in the front of the thighs, so that their knees do not touch the ground.   This makes it slightly harder to balance, which puts more work on the back muscles and increases [tag]strength[/tag] faster.  

To stretch the lower back, athletes should kneel on the ground, sitting back on their knees.   They should lean forward and stretch their arms out in front, so that their foreheads are almost touching the ground.   They can lean backward the try to stretch the back more.   Also, athletes can walk their hands to the right and to the left to stretch each side individually.   When athletes do this, they should lean their body away from their hands to deepen the stretch.   For example, if an athlete’s arms are leaning to the right, their weight should be pushed over to the left to help stretch the left side of the back.