Here are more [tag]little league baseball coaching tips[/tag] for strengthening your [tag]baseball[/tag] players lower back.   As a [tag]coach[/tag] it is important to monitor that these exercises are being done properly.Little League Baseball Coaching Tips

The second move is the lower back raise.   This move is done by lying on the stomach with the palms flat on the ground near the armpits.   Athletes should begin by rolling their shoulders back.   This is the most important part of this move, because it engages the back muscles from the beginning of the exercise all the way through.   After the shoulders are rolled back, athletes should use the lower back muscles to lift the shoulders and chest off the floor.   They should pause at the top, tightening the muscles more than before to reach the highest point possible.   Athletes should then lower themselves back down to the starting point and repeat the move.   Athletes can do 3 sets of 15 and work up to more repetitions each time, or they can do 1 set of 45 seconds.  

The lower back raise can be modified in several ways.   Instead of having the hands on the ground next to the body, athletes can clasp them behind the back, near the waist.   They can also hold them out to the side, or put them behind their head, such as the position usually used during a sit-up.   Finally, athletes can put the hands out straight in front of them.   These positions vary in difficulty, starting with behind the back as easiest and in front of the body as hardest.   Coaches can have players rotate through these motions, doing 15 in each position and not stopping between positions.