Here are a few more [tag]little league baseball coaching tips[/tag] for helping your [tag]baseball[/tag] players continue to build their arm strength.   After the Up and Down Push-Ups, athletes should hold the plank for another 30 seconds.   Then, they should do 10 regular push-ups.  Little League Baseball Coaching Tips

If you feel that your athletes need to increase [tag]tricep[/tag] strength as well, after the second plank position, have athletes lay on their stomachs with their palms on the ground near their armpits.   They should push up slightly, so that their bodies are in a straight line, but only a few inches off the floor.   They should do tricep push-ups in this position.   Make sure your athletes keep their bodies in a straight line and let their triceps do the work.  

When athletes are finished with these [tag]drills[/tag], they should stretch out the muscles used.   They should clasp their hands behind their backs and gently pull them away from the body to open up the chest and stretch the pectoral muscles.   After this stretch, athletes should take one arm across the body and gently hold it with the other arm.   This stretches the shoulder and the triceps.   After one arm is done, have your athletes switch to the other arm.   Finally, athletes can raise one arm overhead and bend it backward at the elbow.   The other arm should come up and gently press down on the elbow, deepening the stretch of the triceps muscles.   Each arm should be done individually, so that the stretch is as long and as good as it needs to be.