As a coach for a [tag]little league baseball game[/tag], coming up with new [tag]drills[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.   Here are a couple of drills sent in by Ken and by Doug that should work well with your team.Little League Baseball Game

From Ken”¦
This is a simple [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that we do to keep the [tag]batters[/tag] aware of the importance of putting the ball in play on a squeeze play call.

We place a player on 3rd base and a batter in the batter’s box.   We intentionally [tag]throw[/tag] a variety of high, low, inside, and outside pitches to the batter to get them used to bunting bad pitches.
We have the third [tag]base-runner[/tag] complete the play also to simulate all of the action taking place on the field that can be a distraction to the batter.

Like I said, this is a simple drill that we do that can pay dividends in a tight game.

From Doug”¦
We do one called the blind fly drill.
I have players run directly in front of and away from the [tag]coach[/tag].
The coach says left or right and the kid must break that way.
The ball is thrown the same time the direction is stated.
Kids learn to react quickly to fly balls over either shoulder.