Coming up with fun ideas for little league baseball games can sometimes be a challenge.   Here’s a game sent in by Albert that will improve your teams outfield performance.Little League Baseball Games

From Albert”¦
This is a fun baseball game I made up myself.

It is to practice with outfielders on how to track a ball.

I place a ball on the ground behind a fielder.   Then, I tell the fielder to chase the ball and pretend it will fall where I placed the ball on the ground.

What this does is allow me to concentrate on teaching the kids on how to go about tracking a ball.   I teach them the footwork, body work etc.   I emphasize to them that they have to get their body in a position where they can catch the ball.   Sometimes I place a ball straight behind them, to see their footwork to track the ball.

Kids in general have a lot of problems tracking fly balls or line drives hit right behind them.   Also, I will sometimes place the kids a few steps from the wall.   Then I throw short popup flys that will hit the wall.

In this drill, we work on how to approach the wall.