This is a great [tag]little league baseball hitting[/tag] drill that is going to help players hit both inside and outside pitches with the same stride and form.Little League Baseball Hitting

What you need – This is a pure hitter’s [tag]drill[/tag], as you just have a batter and two tees to work with.  

How this drill works – The [tag]hitter[/tag] will stand at the plate and he or she will take their typical stance.   It is important that the player stand at the plate the same way no matter what type of pitch they expect to receive.  

With one tee on the inside of the plate and one on the outside of the plate, the batter will attempt to hit the ball on the inside tee and the outside tee – and do it with the same stride towards the ball.

In order to make this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill a little different, you can make the height of the tee a little different, so it simulates pitches coming from different places in the strike zone.