Coming up with new ideas for [tag]little league baseball[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s a [tag]baseball[/tag] drill sent in by Tom that is a great overall [tag]infield[/tag] drill and it works well for all ages.

Little League Baseball Tournaments
From Tom”¦
I’m happy to share a [tag]drill[/tag] I came up with to get the whole team involved with [tag]fielding[/tag], throwing and catching in the infield while I give my catchers work on throwing down to 2B.

By the way, I frequently remind my players that the most common errors are fielding and [tag]throwing[/tag], and that it’s vital to success that we make the routine plays “routinely”.

You really need two catchers and eight [tag]infielders[/tag] to run this drill. Everyone will rotate and the catchers will take turns throwing down to 2B.

I place a [tag]coach[/tag] on the mound to start the drill with an overhand pitch. I place two players at every other position on the infield.

I start the drill with a pitch to home. The “first” [tag]catcher[/tag] squats behind the plate to receive the pitch and make a throw to the SS at 2B. (For now, the second baseman just learns to position herself to backsup the SS.) The SS makes a catch & tag, and then with good footwork makes a strong throw to 3B. The third baseman makes a catch & tag and throws home to the “second” catcher. He hands the ball to a coach at home who hits a grounder to 3B. The third baseman fields and makes a throw to 1B.

The first baseman returns the ball to the coach on the mound and the drill starts over again – beginning with the “second” catcher. All infielders rotate counter-clockwise after each turn – 2B moves to the SS position after backing up the throw to 2B, SS follows the throw to 3B, 3B follows his throw to 1B after fielding the ground ball, and 1B moves to 2B after the catch. By the way, I don’t allow SS or 2B to move until the ball hits the catchers glove – they must sprint to their spots. If the throw from home gets by the SS, I expect the second baseman to make the stop and throw to 3B. The second player in line at 1B & 3B should be prepared to back-up bad throws and keep the drill moving.

It’s fun to watch once they learn the drill and get in rhythm, (which might take a few practices with a young team).


1) The second baseman cuts the throw from the catcher at a spot halfway between the mound and 2B and makes a quick throw to 3B on the run. (SS still goes to 2B as before to backup the throw) The drill continues as above.