When it comes to [tag]little league baseball instruction[/tag], coaches have to  use several different strategies to reach all of their [tag]baseball[/tag] players.Little League Baseball Instruction

Just as a teacher has to learn to explain things several different ways for their different students, a [tag]coach[/tag] must learn to coach in many different ways as well.   You cannot treat all athletes the same and expect the same result.   Some athletes are visual learners and will learn plays and see strategies better when drawn out on a board.   Others will learn better by hearing you explain the strategies instead of see you draw them.

You cannot coach every athlete the same way.   To help determine the best way to coach each of your players, watch them throughout the first few weeks of practice.   Begin by coaching in one style, such as being very supportive, encouraging, and explanatory.   See which athletes respond well to that type of coaching and which athletes suffer from it.   Switch your style, focusing more on discipline and individual development.   It is your job to determine which [tag]coaching style[/tag] works best for the majority of your team, and use it.   Some athletes will need more individual attention than others.   Other athletes will respond best to the occasional “I noticed how well you have been doing lately and I wanted to let you know I am impressed!”

As a coach, you are going to have to practice using different styles of coaching.   Many coaches feel that they are who they are and that their players and parents should accept that.   A truly dedicated, good coach will work to improve their abilities to reach all athletes the way they learn best.   Study up on [tag]coaching methods[/tag] and pay attention to with what style you feel most comfortable.   This should be the style you use most often, as long as it is effective.