This [tag]little league baseball[/tag] drill is going to work on the accuracy of your players’ throws.Little League Baseball

What you need – You need to separate your team into groups of four.   Line up the players from the first base line out into left field.   Put the infielders in the middle two spots, because it allows them to work on their relay throws.

How this drill works – With the first person on the first base foul line, they throw it to player number two.   Then player number two throws it back to number one.   Then one to three, back to one again.  

This goes on to the fourth player and the back to three, back to the third player, and then the second player, etc.  

If, at any point there is a dropped ball, overthrow, etc., then the [tag]drill[/tag] starts again from the very beginning.   This can mean a lot of throws for the player in the one position.  

Once you have gone through the [tag]baseball[/tag] drill once, you can switch the players up in order, and they can rotate who starts at the number one position.

Result – This drill will once again reinforce the importance of making good throws to the players on the team.