These [tag]little league baseball practice drills[/tag] teach players to react to a bad pitch when they are on base.Little League Baseball Practice Drills

What you need – Put runners on all three bases.   The [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] will be on the pitching mound.

How this drill works – Each base runner reacts differently when the pitcher throws the ball to home plate.   The runners need to read the way the ball is approaching the plate in order to get the best jump on a possible passed ball.  

At first base, the runner should go if the ball is in the dirt.   On second base, the runner needs to take a good lead, and then decide if they can make it to third.   If the ball gets past the catcher, then they should be on their way.   On third, the only way the runner should go is if the ball gets past the catcher.  

When the ball is pitched in the dirt, the entire team should shout out “DIRT”.

Result – Your players will be much quicker to react to bad pitches, gaining you a few extra bases in the process.