Stealing bases at the right time can put your team in a position to win a game.   Learning to do it effectively will separate your team from the rest.   This is one of the [tag]little league baseball practice drills[/tag] that teaches this skill.Little League Baseball Practice Drills

What you need (set up):   Pitcher, catcher, second baseman, runner.

How this drill works:   The idea behind this [tag]baseball[/tag]  [tag]drill[/tag] is for runners to identify the best time to run against a pitcher.   When they are in their wind up, some pitchers can still make a move to first or second and catch you trying to steal too early.

In this drill, the pitcher will go into their windup, and throw the ball to home plate. The runner will have taken off and run towards second at some point during the wind up.   The coach will help the players identify that “˜move’ towards home plate that signifies the delivery of a pitch, and the time to run to second.  

If the runner gets a good jump they should make it to second every time.   Safe runners score one point, runners tagged out – score one for the defense.

Result: Your team’s stealing percentage should rise by doing this drill as your [tag]little league[/tag]  players will learn the best time to get a jump on the pitcher.