Time is one of the biggest assets a [tag]coach[/tag] has, but it has to be used appropriately. This is especially true when setting up [tag]little league baseball practice plans[/tag].  Little League Baseball Practice Plans

When a coach arrives to practice unprepared or overwhelmed, athletes will immediately pick up on that and follow suit.   Pretty soon, you have endured a frustrating, useless [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag].   Everyone leaves in a bad mood, realizing that nothing was accomplished and blaming someone else.  

When coaching, your job is to lead your players through [tag]drills[/tag], improve technique, prepare them for competitions, and build self-confidence and team unity.   If you do not have your practice planned, none of these things will occur.   Just like a teacher, a coach must have a “lesson plan” of sorts.  

Certain things should be kept constant in practice.   There should always be time for a warm-up and stretching at the beginning of a practice.   During this time, you should help your team transition into “practice mode” and focus on the work at hand.   You should help them prepare their bodies sufficiently for the physical exertion ahead and help them concentrate on what they individually need to improve.