I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for ideas for little league baseball practice over the past few days.   Here are a couple of [tag]baseball drills[/tag] that I have received from other coaches.   Very creative and effective!Little League Baseball Practice

From Jayson”¦

One baseball drill I do that the kids seem to enjoy is called Zig Zag.

2   kids start at home base; they then begin squat walking to first base at a decent pace all the time passing a ball on the ground a few feet ahead of the other (no gloves).
From 1st to 2nd, standing up and underhand throwing the ball back and forth at least 5 feet away. Switch to Zig again between 2nd and 3rd and back to Zag between 3rd and home.

Time them and demand at least 5 exchanges of the ball between bases.   Encourages team work, thinking, ball handling, and cardio to see how fast they can complete. Winner doesn’t have to run to the fence before water, or whatever.

From Al”¦
I enjoy coaching an 8 & 9 year old farm baseball team. At this age it is easy to loose their interest in baseball practice. On batting practice days I have parents help me with 6 stations prior to live batting.

First they go through 3 stations with opposite of natural batting–left side if right handed etc. station 1 hit off the tee, station 2 hit the hitting stick, station 3 soft toss station 4,5,6 repeat but on their natural hitting side. Then hit live pitching.

I believe this helps them concentrate on keeping their eye on the baseball. Keeps 7 kids busy batting and 5 kids shagging balls. Also keeps parents involved.

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