I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Mary.   It includes some fresh ideas for [tag]little league baseball[/tag] drills.   Try it out and let me know what you think!Little League Baseball

I have this [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that many of my players learn to love.   I call it Rapid Fire.  
This drill is used to basically hit ground balls.   I set them up about 20-30 feet away on the infield, one player/fielder at a time.   The drill should be based on the skill level when setting up, the closer the higher skill.   A player is set up next to the hitter who is tossing the balls to the hitter.   I usually do the hitting.  
There are two reasons for doing this drill:   1) fielder must be in good fielding position, fielding the ball in front and not back in body   2) quick hands, using two hands and quickly getting ball out of glove.  
The first time doing this drill the [tag]hitter[/tag] must watch for the fielder so that the fielder focuses on the hitter.   Do not allow time between the balls when hitting, hit approximately 10-20 balls to the same fielder.   I do not allow the players to hit this drill.   I always do the hitting for this drill and when setting up for the drill, the extra players are 20 feet behind the fielder to pick up balls that go through.   The inexperienced fielders usually remain out of fielding position.   The hitter must learn their fielders and gradually work the speed into the drill.

Coaching is vital to this drill, working on speed and [tag]fielding[/tag] position, some fielders when learning this drill won’t be able to field balls off the bat, but from a ground ball from a throw.