Communication with parents is key and it should be stressed at [tag]little league baseball sign up[/tag].   You should ask parents to come early to a game one day and talk with them, introducing yourself and asking them for any questions or comments they may have.Little League Baseball Sign Up  

Give them your contact information so that they know how to reach you if they ever encounter a problem or need to speak with you.   Ask them if there are any issues about their children you should know about, including allergies, medical conditions, and personal difficulties.   These things will help you be a better [tag]coach[/tag].

Explain your plan for the [tag]baseball[/tag] season to the parents as well.   The best way to keep everyone excited about the season and the players is by sharing common [tag]goals[/tag] and celebrating milestones.   Ask parents to be supportive of their players regardless of the outcome of competitions, and ask them to follow up with their children to see how their progression is going to reach their personal goals for the season.  

Give parents concrete information to take home with them that explains your policies.   Print out sheets for them with the requirements for the team, basic rules and regulations, a schedule of practices and competitions, and any other important events of which they need to be aware.