To help your [tag]little league baseball team[/tag] remember which aspects you want them to focus on before the next [tag]competition[/tag], talk them through it during the warm-up each day.   Have a new way of explaining the problem and remind them to focus on improving those specific areas.   Also, remind them of past issues you have already resolved, so that they do not fall into the same problems again.Little League Baseball Team

At the end of every [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]practice[/tag], spend a few minutes with your team doing some cool-down exercises and more stretching.   This will help protect their muscles and give you a chance to have a last minute chat with them before leaving for the day.   Encourage them by recognizing the good work they have done during that practice and give them something to think about for the next practice.   Keep the focus on their personal performances instead of winning or losing the next competition, because youth athletes perform much better when the emphasis is on [tag]performance[/tag] instead of results.

Before each practice, spend some time thinking of what your team needs to accomplish that day.   Follow the plan outlined, but be sure to tailor it to your own needs.   This plan is a great way to build rapport with your team, especially during the warm-up and cool-down periods.