This is a great [tag]Little  League fielding  drill[/tag] to help little league players learn which way to use their glove.  

What you need:   Plastic milk jugs with the bottoms cut out.   One half also needs to be cut out.   It should resemble the set up of a baseball glove, with one side cut out, so it looks like a scoop.

How this drill works:   Since a scoop is something that is carried outside the hand, younger kids will be able to manoeuver the scoop easier than having a glove on their hand.   With the scoop shaped similar to a glove, they will begin to understand glove positioning.

When you are instructing the kids on how to use their “˜scoop’, show them where the scoop goes in certain situations.   Show them grounders, waist level tosses, and shoulder / head level tosses.

Results:   What you want to show the kids is how their glove is just like the scoop.   When the have the web side down for grounders the ball rolls into the glove, etc.