Here is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for those of you who are coaching [tag]machine pitch baseball[/tag] teams.   As you know pop fly outs don’t happen very often with machine pitch [tag]baseball[/tag].   However, I do want my players to work on the dropstep to help when it does.

I think a tennis ball or a soft core type of ball is appropriate for this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for safety purposes. This is for a baseball hit over the players left shoulder.
1. Player faces the [tag]baseball coach[/tag]
2. Player then drop steps left leg behind the right
3. Player runs full speed as coach tosses ball about 10-15 yards over his left shoulder.
4. Use both hands to secure ball in the glove

The primary reason for this baseball drill is to teach the kids not to run backwards. This drill can also be used without a glove.