I call these [tag]mental baseball drills[/tag].   They are good for a pressure situation and making a quick decision. It’s the quick decision that I think brings greater value. It works great outdoors or indoors. Mental Baseball Drills

Setup for this [tag]baseball drill[/tag]:
4 fielders, 1 [tag]baserunner[/tag], two bases, two targets (anywhere from 30 to 60 feet from the base path), and a changing indicator. We like to put a target (maybe a bucket) on the ground (throwing for a tag) and another about 4 or 5 feet in the air (throwing to a player on a base). You can be creative for the changing indicator using hands, fingers, location within the basepath where the tag may occur.

Running the drill:
It all starts with a hot-box (or pickle) drill, where fielders are running down a baserunner caught between bases. Once the tag occurs, the tagger immediately looks at the indicator (with a sign for the lower target and another indicating the upper target). Determine the target and throw the [tag]baseball[/tag] to hit the target. Sometimes we use which side of the halfway mark between bases where the tag occurs as an indicator.

The purpose of the indicator is to get the tagger to see the signal quickly (in a game its another base runner) and make the correct throw to the correct target.   Award a point for a tag and a point for hitting the correct target with the ball. you can split into teams and make it a contest.

This has been a great way to put mental pressure on our players as they make plays in the infield.