Combines the previous two drills into one multi-phase drill that can be run simultaneously.


  • 2 coaches with fungo bats on each side of the plate
  • Infielders in regular positions
  • Extra player at Short 1B


Fungo 1 and Fungo 2 alternate ground balls to fielders.


Black Group (Fungo 1, SS, 3B, Short 1B)

  1. Fungo 1 alternates ground balls to 3B and SS.
  2. Infielders field grounder and throw to Short 1B.
  3. Return ball to Fungo 1. Reset and repeat.

Blue Group (Fungo 2, 1B, P, 2B)

  1. Fungo 2 alternates ground balls to 2B and 1B.
  2. On grounder to 2B, he throws to first.
  3. On grounder to 1B, he throws to Pitcher covering first.
  4. Return ball to Fungo 2. Reset and repeat.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize watching the ball all the way into the glove to improve catching consistency. This helps young athletes develop better eye-hand coordination.
  • Teach them to maintain a balanced, athletic stance while fielding. This includes keeping feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent for better mobility and balance.
  • Encourage the concept of ‘soft hands’ while fielding, which means absorbing the ball gently into the glove to prevent bobbles or drops.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  •  Focus on the speed of transitioning from catching to throwing. This includes quick footwork to align the body for an accurate throw and practicing swift glove-to-hand transfers.
  • Train them to anticipate the ball’s path based on the batter’s positioning and swing. This helps in improving reaction time and positioning.
  • Incorporate scenarios where players have limited time to make a throw, mimicking game pressure. This helps in enhancing throwing accuracy and decision-making under stress.