Combines the previous three drills into one multi-purpose drill.


  • 2 coaches with fungo bats on each side of the plate.
  • Infielders in regular positions.
  • Extra player at Short 1B.


  • Pitcher delivers pitch to home. On pitch, Fungo 1 bunts, Fungo 2 hits ground ball.



Red Group (Pitcher, Catcher, 3B):

  • Pitcher delivers pitch to home.
  • Catcher throws to 3B simulating attempted steal.
  • Return ball to Pitcher. Reset and repeat.



Blue Group (Fungo 2, Pitcher, 1B):

  • On pitch, Fungo 2 rolls bunts to mound.
  • Pitcher fields bunt then throws to Short 1B.
  • Return ball to Fungo 2. Reset and repeat.



Black Group (Fungo 1, SS, 1B):

  • On pitch, Fungo 1 hits ground ball to SS.
  • SS flips to 2B, 2B throws to 1B for 6-4-3 double play.
  • Return ball to Fungo 1. Reset and repeat.



Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Focus on basic fielding stance: Coaches should emphasize the importance of a proper fielding stance. Young players should be taught to stay low with their gloves ready and eyes on the ball. This fundamental skill is crucial for successfully executing infield plays.
  • Reinforce the importance of footwork: Proper footwork is essential for young athletes. Coaches should instruct them on how to pivot and position their feet for both catching and throwing, especially during double plays.
  • Encourage communication: Young players should be encouraged to call out the ball and communicate with their teammates during plays. This not only improves teamwork but also helps avoid collisions and errors on the field.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Practice quick glove-to-hand transfers: Older, more experienced players should work on speeding up their glove-to-hand transfer. This is especially important for the shortstop and second baseman during double plays.
  • Emphasize accuracy in throwing: For older athletes, the focus should be on not just making the throw but doing so with accuracy. This is crucial for the pitcher when fielding bunts and for infielders when turning double plays.
  • Develop situational awareness: Older players should practice understanding different game situations. Coaches should challenge them to anticipate the runner’s speed, the number of outs, and adjust their play accordingly. This situational awareness is key for successful infield plays.