Practices outfield cutoff throws with multiple infielders and outfielders working at the same time


  • LF, CF and RF in regular positions
  • SS in cutoff position between second and third
  • 3B in cutoff position near third
  • 2B covering second base
  • Catcher covering home
  • 3 coaches with Fungo bats in positions shown in diagram




All 3 coaches simultaneously hit balls to outfielders


Black Group (Coach 1, LF, 3B, C)

  1. Coach 1 hits ground ball to LF
  2. LF fields it and throws home with 3B as cutoff

Red Group (Coach 2, CF, SS)

  1. Coach 2 hits line drive to CF
  2. CF fields it and throws toward third, cutoff by SS

Blue Group (Coach 3, RF, 2B)

  1. Coach 3 hits ground ball to RF
  2. RF fields it and throws to direct to 2B (no cutoff)