Younger players can often get behind in the game which will lead to them not being able to focus on the game. This is a great baseball drill to help players learn better focus under real game time pressure.


1. Have a runner at first and a runner at third.
2. The pitcher should be in his pitching stance, as if he were ready to throw to a hitter.
3. The runner at first will attempt to steal second base so that the pitcher will throw the ball to second base to get him out.
4. This creates the “pickle” situation, where the runner on third base can advance to home and score.
5. You can also give the catcher the ball, and he can work on making the throw to get the player out as well.

In addition to teaching the runner on third to be quick on his feet and run hard for home, this drill also teaches the player to stay focused on the game and what his responsibility is to score.

It also teaches the other players how to perform the squeeze to get some one out.

Coaching Tip

Challenge the players to score before the other player gets out between second. Reward them for success – for example, if he can get home before the other player gets out, they do not have to run fences. If he does not score before he gets out they both run.