Full team practices relays, cutoffs and backups on base hits to left field with no runners on


  • Full infield and outfield in regular positions
  • Coach with fungo bat at home plate


  1. Fungo 1 hits line drive base hit – anywhere from left-center to left field
  2. LF and CF communicate to field the ball
  3. SS has the cutoff in shallow left-center
  4. 2B covers second base
  5. Pitcher backs up throw into third base
  6. Return ball to Fungo 1
  7. Reset and repeat

Coaching Tips: 

The purpose of your cutoff and relay system is to keep runners from taking an extra base if no play occurs at home or third. Relays and cutoffs are team plays that require a great deal of practice and teamwork to be executed properly. Too often, missed cutoffs and relay plays have given opponents the extra base that led to a run that decided the game.

The throw from the outfielder must be low enough for the cutoff man to handle. If the throw is too high, the runner can react immediately and advance a base. We teach our outfielders to hit the cutoff man in the head.