Full team practices relays, cutoffs and backups on base hits to right field with no runners on


  • Full infield and outfield in regular positions
  • Coach with fungo bat at home plate


  1. Fungo 1 hits line drive base hit – anywhere from right-center to right field
  2. RF and CF communicate to field the ball
  3. 2B has the cutoff in shallow right-center
  4. SS covers second base
  5. Pitcher backs up throw into third base
  6. Return ball to Fungo 1
  7. Reset and repeat

Coaching Tips:

Many factors on a batted ball will help the outfielder determine where to throw the ball including:

  • The speed of the runner,
  • The game situation,
  • The outfielder’s arm strength,
  • How hard the ball is hit, and
  • The distance the outfielder must move left or right to field the ball.

The outfielder can evaluate many of those factors before the pitch, which will limit the amount of information he needs to process after the ball is hit.