Full team practices relays, cutoffs and backups on base hits to right field with runner on first


  • Full infield and outfield in regular positions
  • Coach with fungo bat at home plate
  • Baserunner on first


  1. Fungo 1 hits line drive base hit – anywhere from right-center to right field
  2. RF and CF communicate to field the ball
  3. 2B covers second
  4. 3B covers third
  5. SS has the cutoff to third in the middle of the infield
  6. Pitcher backs up throw into third base
  7. Return ball to Fungo 1
  8. Reset and repeat

Coaching Tips:

The cutoff man’s alignment will depend on the strength of the outfielder’s arm, so the alignment will vary. The closer the cutoff man can be to the bag (40 feet), the harder it is for the runner to recognize whether to attempt to advance to the next base. The runner must delay his decision until the ball passes the cutoff man, which is an advantage for the defense.

Also, from a spot closer to the base the cutoff man can more easily cut off poor throws, and he has more range in handling high throws. We want good, hard throws through the cutoff man’s eyes.