Full team practices relays, cutoffs and backups on base hits to right field with two runners on


  • Full infield and outfield in regular positions
  • Coach with fungo bat at home plate
  • Baserunners on first and second


  1. Fungo 1 hits line drive base hit – anywhere from left-center to right field
  2. LF, CF and RF communicate to field the ball
  3. 1B has the cutoff to home
  4. SS has the cutoff to third
  5. 2B covers second
  6. 3B covers third
  7. Catcher covers home
  8. Pitcher backs up throw to either third or home
  9. Return ball to Fungo 1. Reset and repeat

Coaching Tips:

To let a baseball go through to base, the receiver should yell, “Go, go!” He should yell it loudly and in enough time for the cutoff man to react. If the receiver yells “Go”, then the cutoff man should pop his mitt and fake a cut to keep the trailer running from advancing.

For the receiver to indicate that he wants the ball cut off, he should call out the number of the base where the ball should go. If there is no play at any of the bases, he would yell “cut” meaning for the cutoff man to catch and hold the ball.

After catching the ball, the cutoff man should look for a possible play at any of the bases. If the throw is off alignment or dying, and a play at the lead base is possible, the receiver should yell “relay!” at which point the cutoff man would catch the ball and throw to the lead base. Also, the cutoff man can automatically cut the ball if he reads a ball that is dying or off alignment.