Full team practices relays, cutoffs and backups on base hits to left field with runner on second.


  • Full infield and outfield in regular positions
  • Coach with fungo bat at home plate
  • Baserunner on second


  1. Fungo 1 hits line drive base hit – anywhere from left field to down the line
  2. LF fields the ball
  3. 3B has the cutoff to home
  4. SS covers third
  5. 2B covers second
  6. Pitcher backs up throw into home
  7. Return ball to Fungo 1. Reset and repeat.

Coaching Tips:

These relays and cutoffs require a lot of practice, and exceptional teamwork to be successful. Strong, confident communication is necessary. Players must make decisions based on the likelihood of tagging the runner out and not allowing other runners to advance to better scoring positions.