One of my readers suggested this idea for [tag]practice drills for youth baseball[/tag].  I’ve included it for you below.Practice Drills for Youth Baseball

From Chris…

I [tag]coach[/tag] 6-8 Instructional Baseball and found that this is a fun[tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to end each [tag]practice[/tag] with.  It gets the kids heart rate up while teaching them the right direction to run the bases.

•Divide the team into 2 groups.

•Place Group 1 at Home Plate and Group 2 at second base.

•One player from each group will race around the bases, one starting at home, the other starting at second base.

•Once the player make it back to their starting point, the next player in line will go, until the entire group has raced around the diamond.

•Once that race is over, switch the groups, sending the second base group to home and the home plate group to second – race again.

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