I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]sample youth baseball practice plans[/tag] over the past few days.   Here are a couple of [tag]baseball drills[/tag] that my readers sent in.Sample Youth Baseball Practice Plans

From Peter”¦

Here is my [tag]baseball drill[/tag]…
To teach the finer points of hitting, get the players to play pepper but directing the balls to the right side of the field for outside pitches, and left side of the field for inside pitches (opposite for left-handed hitters). This drill reinforces hand-eye coordination and the sense of taking what the pitcher gives you – i.e. recognizing where the pitch is coming from and dealing with it appropriately.

From Clay”¦
Simple rules to a warm-up toss.
No throws above the head and no throws below the knees. That is the goal for a set period of time. With [tag]baseball[/tag] beginners you may allow a few bad throws or drops (say 5 drops) and the whole team makes a sprint to the outfield fence and back.

You can progress this as your team improves. This simple drill just adds focus on the little things as [tag]baseball practice[/tag] begins.