Soft Toss Balloon Hit


This is a beginner drill that focuses on the swing and making contact, as well as stepping in the proper direction and timing

Set up

- One player at a time goes to bat

- The rest of the team waits in a line

- The coach will stand off to the side of the batter

- The coach should have multiple large balloons for the players to hit


1.  Coach will stand off to the side of the batter to soft toss a balloon to the players.

2.  The player will get one swing with contact, then go back to the end of the line and wait for their turn to come again.

Coaching Tips

Players need to take a level swing.
Players need to step towards the pitcher while swinging.
Players should keep their eye on the balloon for the entire swing.

Make It Easier

Use a large balloon for high degree of success.

Make It Harder

The coach can use a smaller ball than a balloon, but larger than a baseball.