I was at practice last night and used these spring training baseball games that one of my subscribers sent to me. Excellent [tag]baseball warm up drill[/tag] for your baseball team. Spring Training Baseball Games

From Melinda”¦
I coach in a very small town Maine. The team that I have has 3rd through 7th graders on it!! It is hard to figure out what to do that will involve all the kids.

One drill that we do is [tag]baseball[/tag] knockout. The players stand in a line out towards third base. We have the first two players with bats. I pitch, and I use the term loosely here. The goal for the player is to hit the ball no matter where it is. You have one shot to hit it. If you hit it, you hand your bat to the next player in line w/o one and go to the back of the line, if you miss you are out in the field shagging balls. The last one still making contact is the winner.

This is a quick [tag]baseball drill[/tag] and really makes them focus on the ball and just make contact. It is one of those games too where your skill level is a minimum factor. My younger players were the last ones standing by the end. Fun warmup to get kids focused!