Maribel, one of the coaches, came up with this great suggestion for a [tag]spring training baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].   Keep “˜em coming!Spring Training Baseball

From Maribel”¦
This is a fun [tag]practice[/tag] game to break from routine…I call it Turbo Ball.

Divide your team into two teams, you will need a [tag]baseball[/tag], a field, a bucket and about five cones.   The only set up will be to put the bucket on top of home plate and the cones to mark your boundary line(gray area for a bunt).
The purpose is to make a shot into the bucket without stepping into the gray area.   The team with the most buckets wins.   The fun part and the workout is this – the [tag]coach[/tag] throws or hits the ball anywhere fair on the field and the players have to retrieve it, [tag]throw[/tag] and [tag]catch[/tag] to their teammates to eventually get as close to the boundary line to take a shot.

I give them a two step rule so they get rid of the ball.   If the team drops the pass/throw or makes a bad throw, its a turnover. This game becomes competitive, good cardio, and works on throws/catch.   Try it!