Practice throwing a stealing baserunner out at second base.


  • Lines of players at Pitcher, Catcher, and 2B positions.


  • Pitcher delivers pitch to home.
  • Catcher throws to 2B, simulating an attempted steal.
  • 2B makes the tag on a sliding player.
  • 2B returns ball to Pitcher.
  • Rotate and repeat.

Coaching Tips for Catcher with Runner on Base:

  • Adjusted stance: Raise butt, left foot points to second base, and right foot points at second baseman.
  • Thighs parallel to the ground.
  • Back bent but not flat, like riding a motorcycle.
  • Weight on the inside of feet.
  • Chest out over knees.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize proper throwing mechanics. Teach players to step towards their target with their lead foot, align their shoulders with second base, and follow through with their throwing arm towards the target. Building this strong foundation is crucial for accuracy.
  • Teach the importance of a smooth, quick transition from catching the ball in the glove to transferring it to the throwing hand. The emphasis should be on smooth transitions rather than speed, as rushing can lead to errors.
  • Instruct the 2B player on how to safely and effectively apply a tag. They should learn to keep their body low and angled to avoid high-impact collisions, using the glove to swiftly tag the runner without overextending.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Focus on reducing the time it takes to transfer the ball from glove to hand. Drills should include quick catch-and-release exercises, emphasizing minimal movements for efficiency.
  • Teach catchers and infielders advanced positioning techniques, including understanding the runner’s speed, anticipating the play, and adjusting footwork accordingly for optimal throw and tag angles.
  • Introduce concepts like reading the baserunner’s body language and tendencies, and the pitcher’s timing. This helps catchers and infielders anticipate steal attempts and gives them a strategic edge in real-game scenarios.