I’m often asked for [tag]T-ball coaching tips[/tag].   Here’s a simple [tag]baseball[/tag] drill that will show big improvements with your team.

A [tag]baseball drill[/tag] I use in practice with [tag]T-ball[/tag] players is the “run through drill“.

Usually, T-Ball player at this age are not able to hit the ball out of the infield.   But, you will always have some players that can pound the ball.     Because a majority of the at bats will be “single”, the run through drill comes in handy.

I use 4 small orange soccer pylons and put them behind first base like a run way during each practice.   I put two pylons on the right and two on the left about 5 feet apart starting from first base.   The pylons are angled away from the foul line so the players can run in between the pylons and stay out of bounds.   Any time a player is at bat and has to run to first base, the player must run though the pylons.T-ball Coaching Tips

Repetition is the key.   Before you know it the kids are doing it themselves.