As a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] working with younger players, here are a couple of   [tag]T-ball drills[/tag] I use often.   These are small things that I have done with my kids who are having issues throwing the ball and keeping their head down and eye on the [tag]baseball[/tag], but they work well.

An oldie but a goody:   Use an old tire and hang it about the height of the kids waist with a backstop or batting cage behind it.   Turn it into a game for the kids that have trouble throwing accurately.   Have them stand back and practice throwing a bucket of balls through the tire. (Remember Nolan Ryan did that for years and look at what it did for him.)

Second:   This is for kids who have trouble keeping their head down and eye on the ball. I took an old pair of youth sun glasses and put a strip of electrical tape at the bottom. This makes them have to keep their head down for [tag]batting practice[/tag].

Works really good for the T-Ballers.