Brad, one of my readers, actually suggested this idea for [tag]team baseball drills[/tag].   I’ve included it for you below to try with your youth team, fun and effective!Team Baseball Drills

From Brad”¦
Here is our version of the scrambled eggs [tag]baseball drill[/tag].   It takes a little advance planning to rotate everyone through but it teaches a lot of skills and we have fun doing it.   We call it 7 inning scramble.

Put 9 players in the field and use the rest as runners.   The first runner stands in the batting box with an egg in each hand.   The coach hits a [tag]baseball[/tag] for the runner and the game is on.   Everyone plays as if it is a real game.

I place a cone near the pitching rubber and one in center field.   If the runners score 3 runs before 3 outs, the infielders run to the outfield cone and back and the outfielders run to the cone at the mound and back.   If the fielders get 3 outs before the runners get 3 runs, the runners all run the bases. Since the coach is hitting, they can make a hit that will get someone on base, make a close play, a fly or a bunt.   I like to reward whoever is hustling.   If the fielders are working hard, I might hit a soft grounder and give them a double-play chance.   If the runners are aggressive and stealing, I might hit a rocket past 3rd base.

Each inning we change fielder positions and runners and I usually have that planned out in advance.   Everyone gets to run at least 3 innings and usually play 3 positions.   Even if the fielders get 3 outs we keep batting until all the runners have a turn.

Sometimes we have a [tag]baseball coach[/tag] giving the runners signs and other times we have penalties for making a running or fielding error.

7 innings take about ½ hour and we get great fielding experience, base running, some conditioning from running the cones or bases and have fun doing it.   For some reason, when you put eggs in the players hands, they remember to slide properly but we still end up with some gooey fingers.   I always bring a role of paper towels.