Thanks to Jeff, one of my readers,   for sending this one in.   If you’re struggling to come up with [tag]team baseball drills[/tag], you should try this out!Team Baseball Drills

From Jeff…
Here is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] we use at most of our baseball practices.

Range Drill – Bucket at 2nd, Bucket at 1B, Fungo at Home

Fielders line up at 3B.

First [tag]baseball[/tag] hit right at 3rd base spot.   Fielder fields it, throws to 2B and takes off running towards 2B.

Next ball hit to SS area – fielder fields hit toss to 2b, keeps going.

3rd ball hit to 2B area- fielder throws to 1B and keeps going.

4th and last ball it to 1B.

If you miss a ball keep going around the horn for the other balls – do not stop.

Goals:   Fielder fields ball on the run – encourage diving for balls – increase range of fielder.
Keep them on the dirt with good angles to the next batted ball

Play consecutive balls got too, 9-12 in a row without counting the first one…depends on the number of fielders.