Many [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es struggle to come up with new [tag]tee ball baseball drills[/tag]. Here is one suggestion that has works well. Keep ’em coming!Tee Ball Baseball Drills

From James”¦
T-Ball Drill

The new hit for my 4 year olds is called “hoping like a frog” [tag]baseball drill[/tag].

I first explain how important it is to bend the knees to get low to the ground. Also this helps to get in front of the [tag]baseball[/tag] when it is coming towards you.

I have all the 4 year old’s hop around first and say “ribbit”. They get very into it! Then I break them up into groups of 3-4 and ask a couple of parents who were paying attention to help out. You say, “are you ready my little frog?” They say “ribbit”. Roll the ball just to the left or right of them and watch as they hop in place and bend down to get the ball. Then have them throw it back. That’s it!

The kids really loved it and I ran the drill 2-3 times through for each group. Parents all said it was a very creative drill and very effective. Hope it works for you and others!