If you need a good start with your [tag]tee ball coaching[/tag] season try these first day practice tips. When coaching T-Ballers for the first time, many of the parents were worried that their kids didn’t even know the positions.

First–I printed off a [tag]baseball field[/tag] diagram and gave it to all the parents to go over with their kids at home. Hopefully it makes more sense to them visually and translates to the field.

This is how I set up our [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag]–Dual station T’s set up against the sideline fences, with two small groups to keep it fast paced and designed not to lose their attention.

I take the third small group (about 4) and start our “Field Tour” at home plate.   Since most of these players have zero knowledge and experience, I explain what home plate is and that the ball will be hit from this location.

I then teach them a basic fielders “Ready Position” and ask them to run to the pitcher’s mound and get in their ready position. Most of the time you will have to show them where it is. I then briefly explain the pitcher’s mound and ask “where does the [tag]baseball[/tag] come from” to which they all say “home plate”.

I then say again “what position are we at?” to which they yell “pitcher’s mound.” This process continues until we have stood in our “ready position” at all the positions on the field.

It is extremely important that they say the positions they are standing in and the location the ball will come from so they know which way to face. The first day was a much slower process, but as the practices went by they all began to understand how the field was set up, the positions, and where they can expect to see a batted ball coming from. I can now tell them to go play short stop and at their very young age have no problems finding it.

This will also help as you start teaching fielder territory!