These ideas for drills for little league baseball teams come courtesy of Jason.   Give them a try and let me know how they work for you.The Little League Baseball

From Jason”¦
I have two baseball drills that have worked well for me:   I coach 10U and 12U teams.

Drill 1.   Set up an L screen or net at second base.   Have a coach toss or hit fly balls to the outfielders.   They position themselves to catch the ball then throw into second and try to hit the screen or net.

Drill 2.   The second drill is one I mainly use for my pitchers but works for other positions as well.   I set a baseball on top of a batting tee and set the tee on home plate.   I then have my pitchers try to knock the ball off the tee without hitting the tee.   This really makes the pitcher focus on location.   You can move the tee around or up or down to simulate different pitch locations.