Here are two [tag]tips for baseball[/tag] coaching that I find very effective with my 5-7 year olds.   When coaching baseball to younger players it is critical to keep the [tag]baseball drills[/tag] fun and purposeful at the same time.

Duck-Duck-Goose in a LINE!
I tried this with the kids in a circle but found that it works better if they are in a line.

Line up the kids about 2-3 feet apart along the back stop – standing or on a knee.
The “gooser” walks up and down the line … duck, duck, duck… When it is time to goose, he yells “goose” and drops the ball on the ground in front of a player and runs. The goosed player must pick up and glove the [tag]baseball[/tag] then run down the gooser as he runs the bases.
The runner (if he is tagged or not) goes to the end of the line and the goosie becomes the gooser.
So that everyone participates, I have the new gooser pick one of the players who have not yet participated.

Another of my favorite [tag]baseball drills[/tag] I made up was tossing them a pop up and then charging at them like a maniac and stopping right in front of them as the ball arrives (ideally in their glove).   My hope is that it forces them to concentrate a little extra on watching the ball and ignoring everything else.   At the very least it’s good for a giggle from them 100% of the time.