In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a great pitching drill that works on a bit of rhythm and movement. It’s called the “Waltz Drill” (or the “Dance Drill”). In this pitching drill, your players will work on the mechanics and the rhythm of going to his left and his right, and while he is working on his balance, he’s also working on the separation.

The “Waltz/Dance” Pitching Drill for Rhythm and Movement

  • Notice that when the player puts his hands up, he also gets his front leg up.
  • He’s then going to separate and as his left foot goes out, his hands extend also. His stride foot’s going to hit and then he’s in a proper position ready to throw the ball.
  • Next, you want to work on bringing it back together. So the player brings his hands together and the leg in, and then he’s going to come back towards you.


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