Take a look at this submission from Mark.   It’s a great example of [tag]winter baseball practice tips[/tag] that you can begin using with your team today.Winter Baseball Practice Tips

From Mark”¦
Here’s a great [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that combines fielding fly balls from left field, hitting the relay, [tag]base running[/tag], tagging up and tagging out a runner at home.

You’ll need a left fielder, third baseman, [tag]catcher[/tag] and [tag]runner[/tag].   The runner starts out on third base.

A [tag]coach[/tag] hits a fly ball to left field, the runner has to tag up and try to beat the throw to the plate.   The left fielder has to [tag]catch[/tag] the ball and hit the relay for a throw home to tag the runner.

It teaches the runner to tag up on fly balls and go when the coach says GO.   It teaches the outfielder to set up his catch for a good throw to the relay.   It teaches the relay man how far out he should go   and to turn glove side to make the throw home and lastly, it teaches the [tag]catcher[/tag] how to setup at the plate for a tag.

Hope this one helps one of the coaches out there.   It’s done wonders for out team getting the ball in quickly from all [tag]outfield[/tag] positions.