I am always looking for [tag]workout tips for baseball[/tag]. One of my readers, Greg, sent me this [tag]drill[/tag] and it’s great for [tag]conditioning[/tag] and [tag]warm up[/tag]. You’ll find this to be a favorite.Workout Tips for Baseball

From Greg”¦

I would like to add a [tag]baseball[/tag] drill I made up this year. To keep it short I call it the   (SCHOOL NAME) Drill.   Just a little bit of everything rolled into one; at the end of every practice we run the “Hawks drill”.

I place 3 balls along first base-approx 6 ft apart.   A [tag]coach[/tag] on 1st, players start at home plate 1 at a time, [tag]sprint[/tag] to first ball and throw to 1st, then back to touch plate, run 2 second ball throw to first, back to plate and third ball the same.   After [tag]throwing[/tag] third ball they sprint back to plate, touch plate then sprint around 1st & 2nd (like hitting a double) still have their gloves.

After rounding 2nd they take a ground ball from coach hitting from plate then they throw to 1st, sprint to 3rd take another ground ball to first, then they put their glove down and start on third with a lead off or two.   Then they steal home and slide. After they hit home they sprint to third and before they can get their gloves back they do 15 push ups and a complete lap around the field.

Any missed throws, missed touching bases etc. they go to the end of the line and redo it until they get it right.

This may help some, may not, but I coach high school and they make a fun game out of this.