One of the biggest areas that I receive requests for are tips for [tag]youth baseball coaching[/tag].   Read below for a couple of great suggestions from Brandon.Youth Baseball Coaching

From Brandon”¦
My idea is something that can be added to different [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag].
I like to have my team encourage each other by name.   At the beginning of the season, you get new players, and even new [tag]coaches[/tag] sometimes and it isn’t always easy to remember the names.   I make a real effort to learn names, but its important for the kids to feel like they belong.   So whether we are doing a [tag]hitting[/tag] drill or a [tag]fielding[/tag] drill I have the players call out things like, “great hit Mikey”   or “Good catch Cody”.   The kids all get a kick out of it.

Another idea–

To get the new kids to aim a little better on their [tag]throwing[/tag], I line them up into rows about 15 feet apart to start and then I have them partner up with the player across from them.
I stand in the middle and hold up a hula hoop that they need to [tag]throw[/tag] the ball through to get to the other player.
It keeps the balls going in the right general direction and gives the newer kids something to focus on.