Take a look at these submissions from Mark and from Audra.   Two great examples of [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]youth baseball coaching[/tag] for your [tag]T-ball[/tag] teams.Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

From Mark”¦
T-Ball   Here’s one for you: Hit the Bucket (4 yr old t-ball drill).

Line the kids up at 2nd base position. Stack 2 buckets up on first base, the bottom bucket – bottom side up (like you could sit on it) and the second bucket stacked on top (bottom side down). Draw a target on the top bucket (roughly the same height as a 4 yr old first baseman’s glove position).

[tag]Hit[/tag] balls from home plate off the tee to the kids at second base and instruct them to throw the ball at the top bucket. We found this a fun way to get the kid’s to [tag]practice[/tag] accuracy with a fun reward – knocking the bucket(s) over.

From Audra”¦
A great way I have found to teach tee ballers to run up on and get in front of the ball when [tag]fielding[/tag] [tag]grounders[/tag] is to draw a line in the dirt and have the player stand a few feet back from it. Once the ball is hit or rolled to them, their task is to run up and stop the ball before it reaches the line.

After a few tries I move the line closer to me so they must progressively move further forward to stop the ball before it reaches the line.