Take a look at this submission from Kim.   A great example of [tag]youth baseball coaching[/tag] that works well with your under 12 team.Youth Baseball Coaching

From Kim”¦
I like the “Bring it In”   Drill

It really is a typical “infield, coach hits ground ball, player throws to first, first throws to catcher [tag]baseball drill[/tag]” except when you are ready to “Bring them In” then the catcher, once they get the ball from first, rolls a ball back to the original player that took the ground ball.   That [tag]baseball[/tag] player runs in like it was a bunt or slow roller and throws it immediately back home again for a tag.   This gives them great practice of “bare handing” a slow roller plus it just really makes your team look good!

I also like the “Ground ball to First then All the way around” Drill.   Same idea… [tag]baseball coach[/tag] hits ground ball to player, they throw to first, first throws home then the catcher throws it back to the person who originally got the first ground ball.

For example, if the ground ball went to 3rd then to first, to home, then the 3rd baseman covers his bag for a tag and it comes back to him from the catcher then to the 2nd basemen covering 2nd and the 1st baseman covering first then back to home.     If the ground ball went to the SS, then it goes to first, home, back to 2nd (SS covering), then to 1st (because it’s easier than turning to 3rd) then all the way to 3rd, then to home.

This pattern is the same if the ball is hit to 2nd only the 2nd baseman covers 2nd base when the throw is coming from the catcher.   Lastly, a ball is hit to first, he tosses it to the 2nd baseman for the out at 1st, then to home then back to 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd, then back to home.

This is a great drill to build confidence in throwing the ball to various bases during the game.