Shawn came up with some this suggestion for a [tag]youth baseball coaching tip[/tag].   Keep “˜em coming!Youth Baseball Coaching Tip

From Shawn”¦
Catching & Throwing Drill:
Baseball is all about [tag]catching[/tag] & [tag]throwing[/tag]. This sounds easier than it actually is.

With my boys age 9-12, I line them up 25 feet apart from their throwing partner.
I then bark out “Ready….Fire”.
They count in unison “one!”, then I shout “Ready,… Fire!”.   They reply “two!”.
The goal is to catch your partner’s throw or at least stay in front of it and keep the ball from getting past you.
If my kids do this successfully after 10 throws and no errors, the [tag]coaches[/tag] do 5 push ups.
If the kids make bad throws or let the ball get past them, the players do 5 push ups.     We repeat this [tag]drill[/tag] at 50 feet and then 75 feet.

Turning any [tag]baseball[/tag] drill into a contest makes [tag]practice[/tag] more fun for kids at this age.   Hopefully this will translate into successful catching and throwing without errors in real game situations.