Here is an idea I borrowed from one of my youth coaches when I was in elementary school. It is one of my favorite [tag]youth baseball coaching tips[/tag] and a great way to get ready for the new upcoming season.

Each winter I do a 10 to 15 page “drill book” for my boys. Each page has a [tag]baseball[/tag] field drawn on it with 10 players in their normal pre pitch positions (4th grade boys”¦so we get to have 10 fielders).   On the back of the page I list all 10 fielders.

I then give the boys a situation–i.e. runners on first and second, one out, ball hit through the gap between first and second.

The boys have to diagram where each baseball player goes on the [tag]baseball play[/tag] and also writes it down on the back next to each position.

This book is then used for our first [tag]baseball practice[/tag] of the season which is a classroom practice with a white board.   We do this before our league lets us “officially” begin field practices. We use this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] book at every practice for situation drills.